Free Speech

At Student Rights, we believe that all ideas should be heard. If a speaker has been invited onto campus, they should be given a platform to express their views however offensive, controversial or unpopular they may seem.

Universities are not a space for intellectual safety. Views should be heard that cause introspection, break deeply held dogma, and spur individuals to think critically on contentious or taboo topics. The impact of ideas that shock, alarm or provoke discomfort are the very basis of social change and enlightenment.

The world is not a safe space. Universities must be a place where students cultivate the skills to challenge and dispute ideas in a civil way.

Hate Speech?

Hate speech is a relativist concept. Hateful, offensive or hurtful speech to one, is truth or reason to another.

The law protects speech that directly incites violence or physical harm. Everything else relates to the emotional reaction of the receiving audience. This is subjective and cannot be quantifiably measured. Thus, ‘hate speech’ has been used as a guise to shut down argument or debate.