Yet more racist graffiti on UK campuses

here have been further examples of fascist and racist graffiti on UK university campuses this week, as a student bar at the University of Birmingham saw graffiti targeting ethnic and sexual minorities, as well as the disabled.

The Birmingham University Guild of Students released a statement condemning the appearance of the graffiti, described on the Everyday Antisemitism blog.

The graffiti said “PURE WHITES ONLY” and “NO BLACKS, NO CRIPS, NO FAGS” and also featured a National Action logo and swastika.

This follows graffiti saying “Lock up all CRAZY PSYCHOS + subhumans” and “dirty faggots” which is reported have appeared on campus in January.

National Action, which Student Rights has been monitoring for number of years, was recently proscribed as a terrorist organisation by Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary.

The Guild of Students wrote:

“As your officer team, we were horrified to discover that, in recent days, anti-Semitic, ableist and homophobic graffiti has been found within the Guild of Students building.

We stand with Birmingham students in firm opposition to the rhetoric of hate expressed in this graffiti, and against all forms of intolerance and discrimination.”

This comes just days after anti-Semitic graffiti was found at the University of Sussex claiming that the Holocaust was an “inside job”.

Students shared photographs of an art installation with the phrase “Jet fuel can’t melt Jews. Holocaust was an inside job” written on it. This followed a poster advertising a talk about Israel being defaced with swastikas.

Here at Student Rights, we are committed to raising awareness of racist and anti-Semitic graffiti on campus, an issue which continues to plague universities.

Universities across the UK are clearly facing a significant challenge, and must think about how best to counter the actions of a vile minority which seek to undermine campus cohesion and frighten students.

Racism has no place on campus and the perpetrators must face the most serious disciplinary action if identified.

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