National Action at the University of Leicester

The academic term has barely started but that hasn’t stopped extremist’s targeting campuses.

Yesterday, it was reported that National Action, a neo-Nazi group with militaristic pretences, has targeted the University of Leicester with antisemitic flyers, which read:“One day the world will know that Adolf Hitler was right!”

Another sticker plastered on a sign at the university declared the campus a “white zone”.

Here at Student Rights, this activity comes as no surprise as the group has a track record of deploying these tactics on campuses.

Over the summer, the group vandalised signs at the University of West Scotland with “White Power” stickers containing an images of Donald Trump.

Student Rights has previously logged evidence of the group at Coventry University and the University of Warwick, as well as appearances at University College London (UCL) and London Metropolitan University, and the University of Leeds.

National Action regularly shares Nazi imagery and Holocaust denial online. More worryingly, the group’s racist propaganda is backed by violent rhetoric, with the call “Gas the kikes, race war now!” heard at its conference last year. Members are also reported to carry weapons and practice martial arts.

The fact that a National Action member has been convicted for attempted murder for stabbing someone who “looked Asian” also shows how dangerous individual members of this group can be.

Last year, after they targeted the University of Nottingham, National Action released the following statement: “If you think a few stickers are the worst of your problems, just you wait what is in-store for you.”

The group also boasts it now has 50 supporters across UK universities and its latest report highlights it activity across the country including photos of young recruits practicing mixed martial arts.

In light on these threats and renewed action, we urge universities to keep a vigilant watch on NA.

Fascist groups have no place at universities and groups like National Action must be stopped from entering campus where possible. When their material is discovered it should be reported to university security and removed immediately.

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